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Pencil Case

Create your Pencil Case

Your pencil case is your own personal collection of tools in which you can save an unlimited number of resources in. Collect the resources you use and save new resources you discover. Access them anywhere, make notes against them, and watch out for emerging alternatives.


Improve your Workflow

Our growing chart contains the newest and best resources available to all levels of designers and developers. View changes in realtime and learn from your peers by seeing who's using what. Browse the chart by popularity, age or name, or select a category to explore.


Be Totally Awesome

Learning is essential for every designer and developer. As technology and trends evolve, so must you. It's vital to have the right tools and maximise your productivity. Pencil Case makes it easy for you to find resources which can help you reach your full potential at all times.

Add Your Profile

Every designer and developer using Pencil Case gets a profile. Use yours to tell others about yourself and link to your social networks.

Designers, meet developers. Developers, meet designers. Why not get together and make something beautiful?

Your profile automatically includes a copy of your pencil case so others can see what you're working with. Great for showing perspective clients your skills or showing your peers your recommendations.

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